Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Bittersweet Farewell

Obviously, since the end of BFTF, I haven't blogged. Perhaps it's the return to normalcy and adjustments to "real life" that have led me to forget about blogging. But perhaps it's the fact that I know that once I write this conclusion, then I am accepting that what was the best summer of my life is officially concluded.

I had left BFTF early to attend another program. And then after that program, attended another program. It's a busy summer--there's only so much time to pursue things that I love. But at each of the other programs, even while I was laughing with new friends, I felt a longing for the fellows. I would receive multiple Skype calls on my phone during orchestra rehearsals and almost broke into tears at how much I missed my friends. I downloaded applications on my phone exclusively for keeping in touch with some of the European fellows overseas. Sometimes, during free periods at these other camps, I would call some of the fellows and see how they were doing. And we would laugh and reminisce, almost as if BFTF was a period of time long ago.

Thank you to the Department of State for sponsoring this program that has given me some of the truest, kindest, dearest, and most motivated friends of my life. Thank you to the directors and mentors who made this program truly possible--some of you would even become "friendtors".

Even now as I type this farewell blog out, I feel as if I will never blog again. That the things I blogged about before BFTF were trivial, and that nothing could top this experience. When I expressed this sentiment to Mr. Freese, the homestay director, he said, "Nonsense! You'll be moving onto bigger and better things, and BFTF is only the beginning." I don't and can't feel like that yet--it's too soon, and I suppose I am grieving to some extent.

Cucumber crew, Sara Lee signing out.