Saturday, October 24, 2009


Is dangerous?

I'm on my school's diving team, and my parents are constantly insisting that diving is dangerous--that people have gone blind and have weird bone structures because of diving. A lot of my friends are also warning me about hitting my head on the board...

But it's so much fun I can't help but look forward to diving season!

And besides, check this article out:

"Decking myths about diving."

I mean, diving can't be half as dangerous as motorcycling or something... Right?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The week before Midterms is brutal.

You'd think that because midterm week is next week, teachers would ease up on giving tests and quizzes and other evaluations this week. Oh. Don't forget the projects.

So far this week, I've had:

Monday: a Physics Quiz, a Freshman Seminar public speaking evaluation, a timed 800m run, my informative speech project was due (with the outline, cited sources page, and visual aid).
Tuesday: another Physics Quiz, my World History Greek Alphabet project was due, as well as my World History notebook
Wednesday: a Physics Test (!), a World History public speaking evaluation

And for the rest of the week...

Thursday: SAT List 6 Quiz, World History Greece test
Friday: Into Thin Air Test, Freshman Seminar Midterm (not so sure about this one.), and probably another Physics Quiz, knowing my teacher.

And I thought Midterms were going to be bad.

I just realized how amazingly fun middle school was.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

High schoolers are weird.

So some of the kids at my school decided to have an unofficial scooter day last week. I guess they thought they were pretty cool, zipping around on scooters to class? :)

When my mom was dropping me off at school, she said, "High schoolers are weird."
Take that, high schoolers, my mom thinks you're weird!

Well, turns out that the scooters were illegal on school campus.
There were around a hundred scooters in the confiscation room that day.