Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 20 - Productivity

Today was probably one of the most productive days of my life, let alone my time at BFTF this summer.

After convening to our separate classes this morning, I first headed off to an optional speech given by the directors of Authoring Action, the subject organization of the film produced by one of our mentors, Vanessa. The directors talked about several different things, in more a general sense. For example, how art could be used to portray characters, but not be compartmentalized to just 'art', but reflect a sense of the characters' lives. One of the directors had been a playwright and a movie director, and so he described his philosophies in each of the two media--his advice: shoot a wedding. To capture what is often the biggest moment in anyone's life in a measly one or two hours condensed film would be very difficult--what can you cut out safely on a day that you want to remember forever?

After returning to my human rights lecture, I gave a speech on one of my favorite topics--the history of human and civil rights in regards to United States democratic interventions, or when the United States intervenes in other regions to establish democracies or encourage emerging democracies. But the unfolding events were even more productive and fun.

I didn't go to the Pit for the first time! I went to Shorty's, which is a little American restaurant. But the significance in this is that I attended a lunch meeting with a professor from Wake Forest University. I spoke and ate with a professor in the area of Computer Science. It was amazing to hear him describe some of the issues in cutting edge technology--particularly the idea that some problems, mathematically, have been proven to be impossible to solve. For example, we discussed the idea of an infinite loop that is triggered by faulty programming, and the one-time cipher used in cryptography. Mihaela from Macedonia, Francois, and David were also there.

Then, the human rights group went to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Winston Salem, and helped perform tasks that benefitted a yard sale that would be implemented for various organizations. We mostly sorted through items, but were introduced to how the Second Harvest Food Bank worked, and how non-profit organizations worked.

Then, we came back and went to Little Richard's BBQ and to the AMF Bowling Lanes with many, many different fellows. I'm proud to say that my host family was the one that helped organize this great time with other fellows--and it was so fun. I am also going to say that I will never bowl normally again. It just doesn't work for me.

Molly's sleeping over at my place today! I'm really glad to have made some great friends here, and to build some great relationships. I realized a lot of that tonight.

LPOTD 6. Selfiez with sleepy Sara and Lorik.

"I only roast people if I like them." - Lorik

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