Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 23 - And a return to "home"

I'm back in the Jennings' home right now, after a trip to the Carolina Beach, and I'm starting to feel a wave of homesickness. A little homesickness for my actual Charlotte home, but actually more for the dorms on Wake Forest's campus (sorry, mom). I miss being with everyone, and being able to see each other fairly easily. Of course, now once everyone returns to their homes, that will become an even larger impossibility. My stomach just dropped.

I'm trying really hard not to think of it right now.

But today was a wonderful last day to my home-stay/"cultural experience". Even though a few of the other fellows teased me a little, saying that the North Carolina cultural experience must be so new and exciting, I really do think to some extent, it was a cultural experience. Because of my Korean-American heritage, I don't often speak English at home, nor does my family act like what might be considered an "American" family.

We came back from Wilmington and Carolina beach, after stopping by a wonderful seafood place. After dinner, Modesta, Denada, and I gave our host family our presents. I had brought Korean traditional fans and magnets. Modesta brought chocolate, a DVD explaining Lithuanian history, a polo shirt, and a wonderful book filled with Lithuanian landscapes (I definitely felt a little bit outclassed). Denada brought Albanian brandy, a statue of Skanderbeg (Albania's national hero), and a flask. I'm surprised she got through customs--the brandy was 40% alcohol!

Sarah, my host sister, me, and Modesta at the beach!

Anyhow, I'm packing for the dorms right now. I can't believe we only have three days left.

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