Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 22 - A Day at the Beach


That sentence in itself should evoke images of bluish waters, sandy beaches, heat and humidity, colorful beach houses, calming waves, and child-like happiness.

Needless to say, that image in your head is accurate.

After a three hour drive, my host family and I arrived and headed straight for the beach. We swam, played in the sand, sang, and laughed. Modesta, while searching for shells, found the perfectly intact exoskeleton of a crab. I found some brain coral. My hair, while writing this, is still full of sand after two showers. I found sand in my ears.

Just a few tidbits of my day. The only day in which I've had a full break from this fast-paced program, but not a day in which I didn't learn. I learned parts of the Lithuanian language, learned about general Lithuanian and Albanian views on feminism, used some old music composition skills to try and arrange a version of a song for the talent show. It's going to be a surprise.

After the beach, my family and I headed to downtown Wilmington. There was so much street music and little indie bands were playing everywhere! And my parents told me that they were also in Wilmington with my little brother. Perhaps we will meet up, but perhaps we will not! I miss my family terribly, but I honestly don't want to impose on my host family who have been nothing but incredibly patient and considerate. I just can't wait to see them, but I don't want to leave. xx

-Pictures will come later, when I'm more awake!

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